The Universe Inside & The World Around You.


The dramas in your life – with your ex-partner, your son, your mother; choose one – are the parts of your self that you are either feeling bad for, or feeling bad about.

That feeling bad doesn’t change the situation. That feeling bad, sad, or mad are all the results of your judgments of self
and of others. Offer it up.

‘Spirit, please help me to find my peace in this situation.

Thank you for your Love, your Guidance and Inspiration. I know that all is truly well for me and those that I Love.’

That offering will work anytime and every time. Your being open and willing to let it go – to give it to Spirit for healing. And, yes, to be vulnerable. That is your pathway to being Loved for
who you are.

Your power is in your vulnerability because that’s where your Heart is. That is what we want to invite you towards in your healing journey – all ways to your Heart.

‘In my life and in this lifetime, I AM willing to give my self full permission to be completely naked and vulnerable to Spirit – to my Spirit – and thereby to be healed and to be transformed
back to my authentic and original Self.’

Here is the depth of your Self and the truth of your self and the worth of your self.

When you can give to your self what you’re asking Life to give to you, then you will see that everything gets easier and clearer and better.
This is your cry for help…

‘Spirit, what you’re saying sounds so beautiful and so powerful – yet I live in a World that is so dark and so lonely.’

We say again…When you can change what you believe about what you have experienced – and what you can experience – the experience itself can and will change.

Your fear makes you unconscious. From that place of unconsciousness, vulnerability and Love and fun sound luxurious and irrelevant – reckless even.

You have a Universe inside of you as well as a World around you.

The gift and the invitation is your ability to tune into and truly connect with your peace. Your power is your ability to change your mind about what all that can mean to you.

Take a deep breath.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin.

Excerpted from Lou Martin‘s e-book – ‘The Invitation’ – available at

~ Brenda Garcia– Master Scribe of the Realm

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