I Bless My Life Today


Begin by closing your eyes, placing your awareness in your heart. Taking a deep breath and place a hand on your heart and say, if you will…

‘My intention is to open the doorway of my heart.’

“Imagine a star in the center of your heart. The Light of your soul. The Light of your spirit. The Love and Light of All That Is as you.

I love my self.
I love my relationship with God/Goddess, All That Is.
I bless my life.

I give my self and my life this day to God/Goddess for the Divine’s joyous purpose.

I love the abundance of conscious, loving people in my life.

I love how spirit is always bringing more into my life for me to explore and experience about who I am.

Every day I am becoming more confident about my abilities to be an inspiration to others.

I love my home.
I love my work.
I love my life.

I am grateful and thankful for my life.
I bless my life and I bless this world.
I ask to be of joyous service with my life to this world.

I am guided and inspired to serve and to love in new and wondrous ways.

My day is filled with wonder and magic and miracles.

I give heartfelt and sincere thanks.
I let it be and so it is.”

~ loumartin.eu

Now, go shine your light and have an awesome day. Peace and blessings. Namaste. ~ B.

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