To Your Heart of Hearts



Channeling on the Heart of Hearts

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

“I…… (Say your name.)

Call forth those humans and Enlightened Beings to work with and through me in this moment – with grace and with peace and with love and with High Intention and with deep integrity in loving service to All That Is.

I ask to be a blessing and to be blessed to give and to receive love, to give and receive Truth, to give and receive peace, to give and receive Wisdom, to give and receive compassion, to give and receive forgiveness, to give and receive freedom, to give and receive happiness and joy.

Take a deep breath.

You are on a journey Home. Home is where the Heart Is.

As you open your beautiful Heart – full and wide like a fountain of Light, like a Violet Flame, like a beautiful rose energy all around you – the sense of the Spirit and the sense of your Higher Self and Soul and all of the angels and all of the Beings of Light surround you. They are holding hands – Circles of Love – sending you Our Love and Our Peace and Our Joy and Happiness.

We, and They, are offering it to you and bringing it through you, Dear Ones – lifting you higher and helping you to re-member and to Know.

Take a deep breath.

You are so much more than you have imagined possible. The World is so much more than it has ever dreamed.

These are the days when the dreams begin to become true in new and wondrous ways – where the impossible becomes the inevitable and where things that seemed too good to be true become the ‘baseline’ to reach even higher.

You are the fulcrum. You are the doorway. You are the window. You are the hands, the eyes and the voice of the Song of Love of the Goddess – of God/Goddess, All That IS – of Light and of Love as You and your World.

Take a deep breath.

The ladder stretches into Infinity. The loneliness of the journey is ending. The understanding – The Calling – The Invitation – The Knowing and where belief becomes Knowing … that is where you stand.

What you are reaching for is Now there. Those invisible hands and that open heart and those relationships, resources and reflections of your deserving and of your worth and truth and of your freedom. Available Now.

Take a deep breath.

You can say with Us and We say with You…

“I open to receive the grace, the peace and the love that is Spirit’s blessing upon the lightwork-er’s, the wayshow-er’s, the healers and the teachers of this time”.

Take a deep breath.

“From my Heart of Hearts to the four corners of this World – to every human heart, mind, soul and spirit – a line of Light, a path of Light, a Song of Love – a Call of Freedom…

I Am here For You,
I Am here With You,
Mother Earth.
I Am here As You,
High Self ~ Holy Spirit.
The Divine As One.”

Take a deep breath.

We give thanks For you and we give thanks With you for moments such as this.

We Love you so. We Love you forever and without end. We love you. We ARE you. We Are One.

We will meet again. Peace and blessings. Namaste.

~ Transcribed and edited by Brenda Garcia.

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