Let Love Love You.

beach coast island landscape

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com


“You are an infinitely eternal Presence in the mind of God and in the heart of the Goddess.

In this profoundly powerful and awesomely beautiful time – in the fullness and the wholeness of your Soul and spiritual nature – is beginning to be felt tangibly and heard audibly and sensed deeply in the living of your lives a space for grace.

You have created the space for grace in order to invite – to allow and to make welcome the angels and Beings of Light, the Guides and Guardians, teachers and friends – of this and other worlds.

You Are being raised up – being lifted up – being brought back to your True Self, because you are willing and you are Wanting and you are available for greater freedom.

Take a deep breath.

Let the winds of change blow around your mind – letting go of old ideas, old ways of being and old scripts and relationships and old patterns and programs that no longer serve the truth of who you are. Lift them up and let them go.

Take a deep breath.

In the body, the earth, your grounding – the rock, upon which you build your dreams, you are steady now. You have created a strong foundation in this world. You have moved past the seductions and manipulations of ego – and of the illusions of separation – to a place now where you can truly begin to shine your light.

You body can raise its vibration and begin to dance with the awakening Mother Earth in new and wondrous ways.

Let the music of the spheres be heard by your body. Let ;your self in your physical presence be touched and held and embraced by the earth and by spirit and made new.

Take a deep breath.

Your heart is the gateway to your soul and spirit. Your emotions are the bridge – the doorway – the window.

Will you look within, or will you go without?
Will you come to peace, or will you continue the fight?
Are you enough, or are you uncertain and unsure?

Let love lift your heart. Let love lift your life. Let love lift you back into the embrace of love.


Take a deep breath.

It’s so simple. To be a Light worker is to use your imagination and emotion to create the manifestation of your dreams and desires – for your self, for your loved ones and for your world.

Let Love love you.
Let Love love you.

And so it Is – now and to forevermore – you are loved. You are loving and you are Love Itself.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.

Divine Love/Lou Martin – 6/1/18

Brenda Garcia Editor/Transcriber/Co-Creator

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