Love is Lord of us All and Light is Its Messenger.


New Moon in Gemini – Divine Love/Lou Martin


You are inspired and called forth into this time and space to recognize, to realize and to remember that you are a powerful spiritual being having a human experience. Dear Ones, the only thing that has ever stopped you is fear.

In your courage and in your honesty and in your humility and willingness to heal and to grow you set forth a vibration of awakening.

A trembling is taking place in the spiritual energies of this world. You are the cause of that. You are the source of that. You are the vehicle and the vessel of that.

Through you the energies of Creation and awakening lift you up and open you up and activate the energies of the Higher Self, the Soul and Spirit, of the Christ Consciousness – the Atman Consciousness, the Buddha Consciousness, the Enlightened Consciousness, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Consciousness, the Magical Inner Child, of God/Goddess All That Is.

Through your heart this wave of energy – this pounding, trembling, shuddering and shaking loose the energies of the past – of pain in the body – of fear in the mind – of doubt and uncertainty in the heart.

Take a deep breath.

Wave upon wave of love and light comes through you in order to come to you and touching your family and friends and your living space and your work space – your homes and your offices and touching wherever you are now and wherever you hear this …


Those that are ‘enlightened’ are in Love with Life and in Love with the Gift and the Message of Life that you can be more than you have ever imagined possible. You can rise above the illusions of suffering and separation. You can heal and forgive and release the judgments of the Self and of others.

You are that Love and that Light. That Love and that Light is pouring through you and into your Life and into your world – in a rhythm, in a pulse and in the beating of your heart and in the breathing of your body – in the thinking of your thoughts and the blinking of your eyes and the feeling of your feelings.- a new dream and a new idea and energy is loosed in your world and is set free in your heart a new idea of allowing Life to support you and guide you – of allowing Life to Love you and accept you and inspire you and empower you – allowing Life to be magical and miraculous.

Take a deep breath.

Out and out and out and out this Love goes, filling your world – the Four Corners of the planet, the four directions of the compass, the four races of humanity – the elements and Mother Earth Her Self.

You are the heart of this world. You are Mother Earth in flesh. You are Spirit in flesh.

You are worthy and deserving of that which you have dreamt of and desired for your self, for your loved ones – your family and friends – and the whole wide world.

Let your self believe in the power of miracles and magic. Let your self perceive through the eyes of your heart.

Let your self receive through the living of your Life – through the energy flowing through you and to you. It is a River of Love – a River of Light – a River of Peace.

We Love you so.
Peace and blessings.
Peace and blessings.
Peace and blessings.

Transcribed/Co-Created by Brenda Garcia 🙂

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