God bless you, dear friends. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, turn within. Feel this beautiful prayer that you’ve just spoken and held in your heart. Feel it moving your spirit, awakening your soul, lifting you up, setting you free. Dear ones you are the energy of freedom itself. For countless millennia humanity has been heroically, bravely struggling, searching, seeking and finding, the whispers, the clues, the reminders, the examples of your spiritual inheritance; to know who you really are and to know what God means to you, personally. God, Goddess, All That Is, dear ones, Father-Mother God, in dwelling holy presence; that which you are truly the son and daughter of.

So it is from a time of great darkness to a time of tremendous change that you find yourself in this lifetime, dear ones, seeking not so much within the physical but within yourself within your own heart looking for clarity, looking for inspiration, looking for healing, looking for permission within self to change your mind about what you believe is possible, about what is true for you.

Dear ones you are standing on a threshold where everything that you have understood has led you to this moment and you understand now that you are going to see things with greater depth and thus with greater meaning from this moment forward. The purpose and function of your political creations, governments on every level, organizations in every form, corporations, businesses, all the ways humanity chooses to express itself, they are all undergoing great change and it is very very simple to understand at this level: people are seeking the true meaning of life, not just to have an identity or to fulfill your physical or emotional needs, but why you exist, the purpose of you, the reason you are.

That is the song of freedom. And so those structures that no longer support freedom, they are letting go. And those agreements, relationships, opportunities, inspirations, revelations that invite freedom, they are coming forth. It’s freedom from despair, hopelessness, confusion, fear and freedom to love and be loved, understand and respect, give and receive all the pleasures of life and all the gifts of the human spirit in this world. You are a way-shower, you are different: not better or less. Dear friends dear friends; in your focus, in your interests, in your passions, in your beliefs, in your wants and needs you have a purpose and your purpose is freedom. Take a deep breath So it is through your voice and your vision, it is through your heart and your soul. It is through what you think, say and do through your relationships that you define and redefine who you believe you are and what you believe is possible for you in life.

When you’re here to inspire freedom, you stand at the very edge of what has been and you call to the unknown, to the mystery, to the infinite, to the unconditional, to the absolute; and we hear you, and we see you and we know what you are asking for in this powerful time. To find your voice and to follow your vision is to live your purpose and set yourself free. Step through this threshold, step over the line, walk through the fire, find the light, hear the music, answer the calling, give what is being asked of you, surrender what is no longer your purpose and set yourself free. Take a deep breath. Your heart of hearts, the very core and centre of your being, calls you forth to be the example, to be the inspiration, to be the answered prayer, to be the new idea, to be free. No one can take your power from you, you have only given it away, and no one can take your freedom. No one will give you your freedom, you must take it is yours. No one will give you your freedom, you must take it: it is who you are. Take a deep breath.

I am free to be me. I am free to live my highest purpose, I am free to be abundant, I am free to know my greatest joy, I am free to love, I am free forgive, I am free to be forgiven, I am free to live my soul’s calling. Dear ones, that which moves you, that which stirs you, that which makes you weep in sorrow and then in joy; that is your freedom, that is your purpose, that is your gift. Let humanity see your light and feel your love and know that in the oneness of all that is you are safe loved and supported…and we will meet again.

Peace and blessings, Namaste.

Channeled by Lou Martin
Transcribed by Ailsa JE Carrick

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