Only Love has Power in My Life



I now declare that only Love has power in my life.

I now determine to be wealthy and feel abundant in all my financial thoughts.

I now claim my right to be unconditionally Loved for who
I truly am.’

Really focus on and Feel the powerful ideas, energies, intentions and inspirations of your Higher Self.

‘I am feeling more optimistic about my sense of worth – about my deserving only the best of all that Life has to offer.

I am feeling more optimistic about my stature and my sacredness.

I know that I am truly a part of the unfolding story of this Awakening on Planet Earth and the joyous healing of the World.

I Know that I deserve – as everyone deserves – to feel very, very good about my self.’

If you can Love your self in this way, Dear Friends, the problems will dissolve.

In all honesty, there are places within your self where you don’t Love your self – or don’t allow your self – to Love your self. There are places within your self that you don’t allow the Universe
to Love you.

That’s why you have those challenges to begin with. Don’t be too concerned about those places. They will move out as quickly as you are willing to do your best.

That is what We mean by feeling better. Be kind, caring, compassionate and forgiving of your self and others on
your journey to greater Love and grander Light.

‘Today I am going to do my best about loving my Self in this area. When I get stuck, I’m going to ask for help. I’m going to trust that I deserve that help. I can Know and trust that everyone in
the whole wide World deserves that help.’

Indeed, you do deserve all of the help available to you and it is infinite. Nevertheless, it’s only through the acceptance of that Truth – first and foremost – that you can draw it to you. It must
come through you in order to come to you.

So there you are, Leaders and Explorers, what you receive ultimately becomes possible for others; just as what We receive becomes possible for you. That is the Law of Attraction.

You are asking for help. Here it is. You are asking for inspiration. Here you go. You are asking for a greater sense of support. You’ve got it.

You can truly begin to Love your self – just as you are – just as you are right here and Now.

Dear Friends, you are not going to Love your self more when the problem is solved, or the bill is paid, or the health challenge healed. You’re going to Love your self more in the process – in the
mystery and the music – of allowing those changes to reveal themselves.

Take a deep breath.

Peace and Blessings. Namaste

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

Excerpted from Lou Martin‘s e-book – ‘The Invitation’ – available at

~ Brenda Garcia– Master Scribe of the Realm

Your voice & your vibration are greatly wanted & needed NOW.


Your voice & your vibration are greatly wanted & needed NOW

“Take a deep breath.

We bring 7 stars down through time and space, touching the crown of your head and light you up – crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart center.

Take a deep breath.

Heart Center, Will center, Sexual center, hips, the legs, the feet reaching down into Mother Earth. Take a breath.

‘I am open and receptive to great good.
I am open and receptive to great love.
I am open and receptive to great success and abundance.
I am open and receptive to great joy.’

Take a deep breath.

If that feels in alignment and in response to what your are hearts and minds are feeling, just let that vibration go into your life.

Take a deep breath.

So there you are. We promise you to move the mountain right there. Of course, in your world, these ideas are not what people are thinking about, or talking about, most of the time.

In your quiet times and in your inner journey and in your enlightened conversations and relationships within the spiritual community of humanity – which is coming on line now as never before – your voice and your vibration are greatly wanted and needed.

Want what you want with our blessings and Know that – as you believe it – so you will receive it for your self and for your world.

Take a deep breath.” ~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin.

Excerpt from a group session of 12/11/16

Brenda Garcia ~ Master Scribe of the Realm

Visionaries, Dreamers & Way Showers


You are the Visionaries and Dreamers and the Way Showers…

“What we want to say here – once again – is that you are spiritual beings having a human experience.

From our point of view, that needs to be more and more your conscious awareness – your grounding.

We invite you to be open to exploring and discovering what that can really mean to you in the world that you experience right here and now – today.

Our invitation to you is to be open to – not only of being prepared for the worst, bless you – but being prepared for the best. Yes, being open to being the Visionaries and Dreamers and the Way Showers.

In this and other lifetimes you and your soul and spirit have found and followed your own path and your own heart. You have had many experiences that have prepared you to be who you are in this powerful moment.

It is always all about Love.

As you Love your selves – and as you Love life and as you Love Spirit and as you Love the future that you want to create and call forth into this world – that energy of Love can, and will, become more and more a part of your daily understanding and your daily experience of real power.”

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

Excerpt from a group session on 12/11/16.

~ Brenda Garcia – Master Scribe of the Realm

On Channeling…


On channeling…

“We are here. Take a deep breath.

You never receive more than you can handle.

If you KNOW that you are safe, loved and supported and that we are here for you to call upon our help at any time, then the issue of safety is never an issue.

The greatest gift of opening to channel is Knowing that help is always available.

The paradox of that is that – in order to realize that – you need to KNOW that help is always available.

How much will you let us love you?

This is your destiny. Settle into and rest in that.

‘I am a clear and open channel for God/Goddess right here and now – today. Hallelujah!
I am thankful.
I am grateful to know that it is so.
That is who I am.

I may not understand all of it. I may not be able to turn it on like a light switch yet, but I am feeling more and more trusting that I can find my way into that space every day in my life.’

It is a spiritual practice, because it does require patience, practice and persistence. You are not striving to get to somewhere that is very far from you and where you are at now.

You are learning to trust and follow with greater confidence and inner joy.

It is simple. It is easy. It is fun. Enjoy the journey.”

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin
Excerpted from a group session with Arantza Garcia and Lou Martin.

Brenda Garcia ~ Master Scribe of the Realm

Path of Light


“Close your eyes and turn within.

Let us bring down 7 stars through time and space – touch the crown of your head. Take a nice deep breath.

Relax and release. Relax and release. Relax and release.

Let the energy flow down the 7 centers – the crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart chakra. Take a deep breath.
Relax and release. Relax and release. Relax and release.
The divine energy is moving down the Will, the Sexual, the Root, the hips, the legs, the feet.
A pillar of light moves down into Mother Earth – blue white light, golden white light, violet light – a light of love, a light of peace, a light of power, a light of truth and healing.

Take a deep breath.

Let that light find those places within your self where there is upset, anguish, confusion, doubt, anxiety, regret, fear, loneliness, sorrow and pain.

Take a deep breath.

Let the Light love those deep and dark places within you. Let the Light love those pieces of you. Let the Light lift you up and release you from the pain and the fear of the past and the present moment.

Take a deep breath.

Let the Light overflow, permeate, penetrate and pierce. Let the Light purify, clarify, unify. Let the Light harmonize, synthesize and synergize.

Let the Light love you. Let the Light Love You. Let the Light shine it’s Love upon you.

Take a deep breath.

Let your Light expand out into the world – a Light of healing, a Light of freeing, a Light of surrendering the illusions of separation so that your peace, your power, your passion and your purpose comes into conscious awareness elegantly, easily and effortlessly in the perfect time and the perfect space.

Let your Light expand out into the world and allow you to know who you are and to know why you have come – to know what your life is about and to let that knowledge lift you up.

Let that be a beautiful bonfire of Light in your heart, in your base, in your 3rd eye, in your crown, in your sexual center, in your will center – throughout you. Let the fire of truth and the passion and the beauty of your soul and spirit – let it light you up and lift you up. Let it illuminate you – soul and spirit, body and mind – beyond time and space, here for you, for those you love and for your world. Let it touch you. Let it take you.

Take a deep breath.

And, Now, shine your Light and share your Love.

This next year is going to be a profound and powerful, beautiful and important and amazing, miraculous time in your life. Call if forth.

Call forth the power of your miracle nature, the power of your wisdom. Call forth the power of your creativity. Call forth the power of your inspiration. Call forth the power of your spiritual unfoldment. Call forth the Light into your life Now. Call forth the Light for the present moment and with great focus throughout the year of 2017.

See a path of Light unfolding before you and stretching from this moment to 12 months from today.

Take a deep breath.

Stand upon this path. Commit to the path and let it touch you. Let it embrace you. Let it shake you. Let it feel the shiver and the joy of it – the freedom of it – and the power and the inspiration of it.

Take a deep breath.

Let your highest possible future in the form of a Being of Light – You, a year from today, as a Being of Light and You as Spirit – send you the vibration, the vision, the understanding, the Knowing, the belief and the realization, the awareness and the information to touch you and to hold you, to embrace you and to carry you forward.

Take a deep breath.

‘I am this Light.
I am this path.
I am this joy.’

Put a hand to your heart. Take a deep breath.

‘I am this Light.
I am this path.
I am this joy.’

Take a deep breath.

‘I open to this Light.
I open to this path.
I open to this joy, this Love, this freedom, this Spirit that I Am.’

Take a deep breath.

Let it BE. Let it surround you. Let it support you. Let it guide you. Let it go with you this day – into your night and into your sleep and into your dreams – into your quiet times and into your prayers and your poems.

Let it Be. Let it go with you into your journaling and into your music and into your love and into your beloveds. Let it go with you into the light of your future – the path open wide – your highest vision and your greatest gifts and your deepest understanding.

Let it Be your greatest joy and happiness – your greatest joy and happiness – your greatest joy and happiness.

Take a deep breath.

We bring down 7 starts that spiral down through time and space – touch the crown of your head. Take a deep breath.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Let it Be.

Above and below
To the left and right
Before, behind, within and all around
It is So and So it Is.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.”

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin.

Excerpted from Spirit Talks with Lou Martin – 12/11/16

Brenda Garcia – Master Scribe of the Realm

Return of the Divine Feminine…


Return of the Divine Feminine…

Take a deep breath.

A lot of prayer, power and intention is coming into your world in order to move the mountain, Dear Friends.

A lot of prayer, power and intention is coming into your world to create what seems impossible and to create the space for new ideas of power and empowerment, new ideas of spirit and inspiration and new ideas of real justice – tempered by truth and compassion and by understanding and forgiveness.

Take a deep breath.

This is the return of the Divine Feminine in your lives and in your world.

The God, The Goddess, God/Goddess All That Is – the Divine Feminine – that does not seek power over – but seeks to be equal and seeks to find the strength, the courage, the compassion to heal the wounded hearts of the masculine – out of balance and out of touch – out of control and enraged, filled with greed and confusion, where too much is never enough and what is not given is easily taken – all too often, violently.

Within you – within your own soul and spirit – is that divine energy – no matter what form, or body, or sex you occupy in this moment in this lifetime.

We invite you to imagine a great eagle – representing the Divine Feminine – circling over Standing Rock right here and now in the form of a great eagle.

This great eagle – etherically, energetically, vibrationally – hovers over this time and space right here and now and she blesses everyone on both sides.

She blesses the consciousness that has drawn everyone into this great struggle for justice and dignity and safety and security.

Everyone is there – including each and every one of you – and everyone is participating because this is your struggle. This is your search. This is the cry of your own heart to create a path into the future that is different from the path of the past.

This is where the old wounds become healed and where the old battles are resolved. This is where the old struggles are released – not in fear and hatred, not in pain and anger, not through violence and greed – but through Love and Light and understanding, through willingness to begin again, through compassion and through honoring your Universal Oneness that everyone needs to live on the earth in peace and harmony.

Everyone now wants that more than ever before. The election has awoken you to the depth of great confusion and despair in your world.

You are the Visionaries. You are the Co-creators. You are the Dreamweavers. You are the Champions.

A new vibration, the Divine Masculine, steps in and supports you, strengthens you, encourages you, stands for you and with you.

The Divine Masculine steps in as the form of a beautiful snake of light – not the black snake of the oil.

A beautiful circle of light – a snake of light – surrounds the energy of the Divine Eagle. Let the two be one – in harmony and balance – energetically and etherically.

Hold the vision.
Hold the vibration.
Hold the intention.
Hold the desire.
Hold the focus throughout this and the next few days, Dear Friends – as never before.

Focus your prayers, your intentions, your vibration, your vision – all are vibrating with the Divine Masculine of the free will and the Divine Feminine of unconditional love – in harmony and balance.

With the earth in your heart and your heart embracing the earth. Humanity is the bridge between the heavens and the earth.

The four races – the red, the white, the black and the yellow.
The four elements – the earth, the air, the fire and the water.
The four directions – the north, the south, the east and the west.

In harmony and balance.
In harmony and balance.
In harmony and balance.

And, now, see a brilliant light – like a single tongue of flame – holding the space for Spirit.

See the light of Spirit as the unifier and the bridge. – the bringer of all opposites together as One – the transformer and the transmuter of all the dark energies and all the pain and fear and of all of the struggles and illusions of separation.

That tongue of fire – that brilliant light – that blazing star shining over the snake of the Masculine will and the eagle of the Divine feminine love. These three energies as One. Hold them in your heart.

Hold the earth in your heart.
Hold them as One.
Hold them in your hands. Hold the energy.
Hold the vibration.

Take a deep breath.

Open to receive. Open to receive. Open to receive.
Something beautiful.
Something new.
Something unimagined.
Something more.

In Spirit. Inspired.
As Spirit. Aspiring.
With Spirit. Conspiring.
As One.

Let this Love and Light go forth throughout the world touching the hearts of humanity, opening the minds of the many, reminding All that you are truly eternal, safe, loved and supported, Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. You are perfect, whole and complete.

Take a deep breath.

All is well for you. All is well, Dear Friends. All is truly well.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.
~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

Excerpted from Spirit Talks with Lou Martin – 12/03/16

Brenda Garcia, Master Scribe of the Realm

All relationships are about agreements.



All relationships are about agreements. Healthy relationships are conscious agreements where the expectations and promises are kept and met and everyone is happy.

Co-dependent relationships are fearful relationships where the drama in the relationship – the unhappiness, the crisis and the problems and struggles, etc. – keep distracting people and pulling people out of their own center and keep making other people their focus – rather than having the clarity about learning to listen to, trust and follow one’s own emotions.

What is co-dependency?

It is a fearful dependence upon each other – not based upon a clear agreement. It is usually women to men. The men generally tend to be the narcissist. The addict is the dramatic actor in the play. The co-dependent actor in the play is the support to the actor.

The narcissistic ego’s sense of themselves has so supplanted their spiritual self that there is the aching sense of loneliness and emptiness. They are so committed to their dramatic and lonely performance that true compassion, or forgiveness, or acceptance, or healing, seems out of their reach.

As to the women in the story – in your kindness and in your compassion – in your wifeliness and your motherliness and all of your beautiful feminine energy – that pain becomes your good or bad excuse to keep distracting your self from your own emotional healing.

Guilt is an anesthetic and is the cultural conditioning for wives, mothers and lovers and what have you – again, as a distraction from allowing your self to have that personal empowerment, self-love, self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem.

Women are so demanded upon and conditioned to take care of everyone else that they keep putting themselves last. The challenge is how to break free of this social prison inherited from generation after generation of social conditioning.

The emotional healing is about personal empowerment. Yes, to take their power back, women must be willing to believe themselves valuable and worthy of self-love and self-respect. Real personal empowerment is about loving the self.

The great challenge is to trust your own perceptions. Many women do not trust their own perceptions. That is where they give their power away. Women need support to begin to move away from the self doubts and the judgments of other people.

The first step is reaching out for support and being willing to let go of the denial of your own emotional needs and to be able to consciously know, care about and be able to meet your own emotional needs – rather than relying on another to meet those needs.

Women can create the focus that the meeting of their emotional needs is their responsibility and entirely within their own power, but only if they are willing to clear their perceptions around what they have a right to want and to ask for from their life.

Basically, the invitation to women is to take a step on their own spiritual journey and be willing to change their perceptions. The freedom that comes from that willingness to change perceptions begins to open the door to personal empowerment.

Find the permission within your self to trust your self again.

~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

Excerpted and edited from a private session with Lou Martin.

Brenda Garcia – Master Scribe of the Realm

The Heart of Healing


The Heart of Healing

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Let’s talk about the heart of healing.

What is healing? What is the healing of this time? These ancient battles that humanity has been fighting for centuries to overcome the enemy and to know that God is on your side – that God is in his Heaven and that all is right with the world.

You are in the middle of a new battle now. The new battle now is to get very clear in your own heart that you can find peace in your self and not need to create the dramas in the outer world in order to Know your worth – in order to Know your self – and in order to love Life and in order to love those in your life.

In this clash of the paradigms, you are aware of those that see the world as a resource – and who see humanity as a resource – to be used and exploited for their own purposes. They are not that very different from who you are – or, who you might have been in other lifetimes.

The challenge here – as you hear the message of non-violence and of courage and of holding your ground and standing firm with the earth beneath you and the spirit within you – is to be willing to heal struggle in your own consciousness about who you truly are.

From our point of view who you truly are is a spiritual being – an eternal being and a being of love and light.

You have created a dream that is so real that you have forgotten that you created it and you have forgotten that it is a dream.

In this lifetime and in the tremendous changes that are happening – both within you and all around you – you are giving your self the greatest opportunity that you have ever created to awaken from the dream of the illusions of separation and to come back into alignment with the truth that sets you free.

It is not about conquering others. It is about conquering your own fears – your own doubts and feelings of never being good enough – or of never feeling that you have arrived at a place of peace within your self.

We want to bring you into the heart of healing in this moment as we close out here with you.

Imagine that the earth is a heart – 2 words with the same vibration – the same energy, Dear Friends. Allow the earth to be there in your heart.

Put a hand to your heart and take a deep breath.

Bless the earth in your heart – the world within you and the world around you – and Know that they are one world.

What you open to and what you surrender to and what you allow and invite and what you accept and believe and what you trust and what you Know – the earth responds to that.

The water, the air, the fires – the Earth Herself – are always listening and always aligning with the energies of Her human children and with the creatures and creations of this world.

You are the free will part of that experiment called ‘life on earth’. You have choice.

When you align to see your brother in your own life and to Know the Oneness and the transformative and transcendent understanding of your Oneness with all of Life and with all of humanity – despite the differences and the distances – you come into an awareness of grace.

You come into a space for grace – for healing. You come into the heart of healing the earth in your heart.

Take a deep breath.

In this holy moment, let the four angels of the earth – of the north, the south, the east and the west – stand in a circle around you.

We invite you to bless our friends at Standing Rock as they are standing up for the water and for the earth and for humanity and for dignity – for compassion and for Oneness and for freedom.

Take a deep breath.

Know that throughout this world the cry for freedom and the call for dignity – the prayer for awakening and the opening of the heart of healing the earth and humanity as One – is heard and is going forth and transmitting in this and every moment from your heart of hearts.

Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.

Feel these angels, these energies and these elements working with you. Feel the hearts of humanity reaching towards you as you reach towards them with compassion and forgiveness and understanding – bridging the divide of hatred and fear, of pain and of doubt.

Let peace be the power of your vision and your voice. Let peace and compassion be the music of your soul and spirit. Let true freedom reign in your life and in your world – humanity and earth in harmony and balance as One.

Take a deep breath.

We give thanks and we celebrate you once again for your willingness to be in this powerful time.

We invite you to use all of the resources available to you – both within and all around. We invite you to listen to, trust and follow your inner guidance. We invite you to open the heart of healing within.

Be at peace. All is truly well for you. Give thanks. We will meet again.

Peace and blessings. Namaste. ~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin.

Excerpted from Spirit Talks with Lou Martin 11/29/16.

Brenda Garcia – Master Scribe of the Realm

~ Message from The Ancestors ~ The Ancient Ones


~ Message from The Ancestors ~ The Ancient Ones

Turning within, you let go of the outer world and you come into alignment with your truer self – the core of your being – soul and spirit, Love and Light, joy and peace.

Everything that you can imagine and all that you can feel is a part of your reality.
What you believe and what you expect and what you invite. That is what you call forth.

It is a great honor. We see and honor the sacred in you – that sacred self – that eternal, spiritual nature.

What does the word ‘sacred’ mean? It means exactly that – a part of your spirit a part of who you are.

Go some place in your imagination – a place that can represent the energy of the sacred to you. Allow your self to travel there gently and easily. Don’t think about it too much.

Take a deep breath.

It could be the ‘standing stones’. It could be a sacred mountain or trail. It could be a well. It could be a pyramid. It could be so many things in your reality. There are so many things that bring you outside of the temporal and align you back with the eternal.

We invite you to call upon your own personal connection to the ancestors and the ancients.

You are on an amazing journey. You have come to an important moment when your choices become more accelerated and more accentuated. Your feelings become more essential to your journey.

We are here. The Ancestors ~ The Ancient Ones…

We are here with you outside of time and space through a doorway – a crack – a crevasse. Standing stones at the twilight of the dawn in those moments when you allow the magic of your own soul and spirit to be more present, more available, more powerful, more real.

Take a deep breath.

Let us whisper to you that this is your time of awakening.

Let us call to your heart of hearts that this is your time of stepping out from amongst the others.

Let us invite you to open your eyes to see a new vision of the timeless past and the dreamt of future – in agreement and in alignment with your soul’s path in this lifetime.

To be powerful is to be humble. To be strong is to be gentle. To be wise is to be free.

Let us bring to you the energies, the dreams, the guides, the gifts, the symbols, the songs, the poems and the prayers of the Peacemaker, of the Visionary and of the Dreamer.

Let the descendents of this time – stretching into the future – join you with their presence and with their Light and with their Love.

We step out of the shadows of the imagined and dreamt of past. We are becoming brighter and clearer. We are coming closer – becoming more.

The descendents of your future shine their Light and they shower their Love, their grace, their joy and their happiness for you and for this time into your heart of hearts – your soul and spirit and your true path – your true self and your journey Home.

Take a deep breath.

Feel what you feel. Outside of time and beyond space – the sacred, the path of the ancestors, the call of your descendents and Mother Earth and Father Sky surround and support you and celebrate your Love.

Give thanks. Give sincere thanks. Give profound thanks to your self and to your Life and to those that you love and to those who have gone before you and to those who are coming after you.

We are here. We are your allies. We are ready and we understand. You understand and you are ready.

Be at peace. Be the peace. Let peace guide you Home.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled through Lou Martin at Spirit Talks on 11/27/16

Brenda Garcia, Master Scribe of the Realm





“The rising energy in response to the ‘election’ is going to be, from our point of view, a huge awakening, at last – of humanity and its values and of spirit and of the voice of the women and everyone that have felt ‘less than’,

As you really sit with all of this – and we know that you are and that you will – the tragedy of the feminine being dominated by the masculine is now going to healingly, lovingly, courageously and collectively move into the vibration of the feminine being the voice of the future in this world.

Yes, the feminine voice of the Earth, the feminine voice of the unborn children, the feminine voice of clean water and fresh air and a beautiful world. Yes, the feminine love of nature and the celebration of your nature and seeing the two as inseparably one – here and now today in this world.

The return of the feminine theme of dignity, sacredness and worthiness, human and Earth rights – the world has never seen anything like what is beginning here. You are a part of that.

All of the astrologers are saying, ‘Yes, this is the shadow.’ You and the channel (Lou Martin) have learned to face and work with your shadow. You can look past other people’s shadows and see the moment for what it is – as you and everyone – are being called and challenged to do.

Your own fears and doubts about your worth and your voice and your perspective – you’ve gotten over them. You are getting over them. You will get over more – so that you can really be the Light of the World and you can shine the Light of compassion and kindness and truth and Love and spiritual values into the world as never before. That’s what is happening.

We love that you care so deeply. We love that you are so deeply moved.

We’re over here whispering to you and encouraging you to really speak and write your truth with love and respect – which is exactly what you have learned to do. Allow others to make of it what they will – which is what you have also learned to do.

You have become a connoisseur of vibration. That is why these beautiful writings and teachings, writers and teachers and guides are more and more a part of your daily experience. It is the same for everyone who is taking on this great challenge.

This is the Higher Self, the Future Self, the Truer Self – all of those great expressions – where your soul and spirit is not any longer separate from your conscious human daily experience. It is an integral and an intrinsic part of your consciousness.

Your expanded perspective and your deepening willingness to share your own experience – wherever it comes from – is the vulnerability and intimacy that allows people to really open their hearts and to be deeply touched and inspired and healed.

Take a deep breath.

We celebrate you.” ~ Divine Love channeled through Lou Martin

Excerpted from a private session with Brenda Garcia, Master Scribe of the Realm